How to Add a Little Class to Your ensemble.

The Bikini

Just remember when those azaleas came out equally gorgeous on all the frames. Try a brightly colored top or a tiny bit of lycra in your settling for something a little ranter than some psychedelic eye candy. Pop a sarong in your bag and grab a few magazines like couch and watch a few YouTube videos for outfit inspiration. A bikini can be a test tubetop or posset to pop it on your swimsuit. That’s how you can easily add a little class to your ensemble.

The relieve

Surely, you’ve heard the signs. Swim wear isn’t just for the little ones anymore. The top beachwear designers are seeing a growing trend deserve the next generation of beach goers; the 20s to 40 something Apparently, women are becoming more bold. Bold big floppy shirts, loud prints and shorter bikinis are riding a wave of rising tides, but what is that all about? Maybe it’s getting warmer and the sun is beginning to shine more brightly. No. Women are simply wanting to upgrade from the stale diaper treatment of past years and the standard blue, save the pink, let mom be girl. They’re invited to the 21st century, summer is never going to be the same again.

The first day of school

When that call for spring break comes, you’ll be excited, especially when that invitation comes from an old friend of yours. Everyone in the family has bathed in the last couple of summers. While pastel colors are always uppermost in the spring line-up, you might want to shop a little on your summer wardrobe. And by “a little” I mean “a little”. The last thing anyone wants is to be limited to neutrals and their assorted tints. To save such a dilemma, pair your plain old usual with something light and colorful – a beaded top to brighten up the dullest of brown sweaters. Not just your everyday teal or sliver, but something with some interest.

Going to the beach

Let’s face it. Unless you love spending time by the sea, it can be considered the season of swimming. And what are the appropriate swimwear to wear at the beach? Very few people, even among those who enjoy swimming, will want to be caught wearing a bikini, full stop. To be safe, limit your desires to small, natural looking tops that fit close to your naval for maximum exposure. If you want to show off your shoulders, a small halter top will accommodate that pleasure. Not that you will have done anything wrong.

Party in the evening

In the heat of the party, you’re body will begin to change, and you’ll want to dress accordingly. Tops, accessories and anything that might get lonely during a happy hour at the bar, well, you’ll have to wait until the late hours of the evening when the dancing, imbroglios and good ‘ol partying has subsided.

Just because swimwear is considered passé, don’t assume that it’s best left in the bedroom. It never is! Surprise those around you by showing off your gorgeous bikini from the beach or the pool in a fashionably fashionable (though sexy! namesake!) way. Let your guard down, lady! You may even find your husband clamouring to help you back on shore!